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The Radically Sensible Approach to 21st Century Learning

ISBN 978-1-908293-36-7

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You have been learning since before you were born, and you’ll never stop learning. It’s automatic, it’s easy and it’s what your brain does best.

Whilst learning is a natural and automatic process, learning how to do a job is not. To perform in a particular job, we need a lot of knowledge that we don’t know that we need.

Traditional training and teaching focus on knowledge, and concepts such as 'accelerated learning' are simply attempts to increase the retention of that knowledge.

What if knowledge, in itself, is irrelevant?

Because, let's face it, you don't really want people just to know stuff. You want people to be able to do stuff. And for that, traditional training methods are ineffective.

What if there was a way to structure learning so that learners do the right things, whether they're being watched or not? 

What if there was a way to combine learning with performance management to create true engagement and accountability?

What if there was a way to structure learning so that it could be delivered easily, any time, any place, by anyone, faster and with immediate, observable, measurable results?

Well, now there is.


"Finished the kindle version today, bloody good stuff, definitely one to re-read with a notebook." Jamie Beaumont

Peter has a unique way of diagnosing the issues in a business which delivers simple solutions that have a high impact and actually work. In a recent management development program, a seasoned manager said that Peter's training was, "the best he'd ever seen". Peter is a master coach, communicates on the participant's level and with authority, focuses on the right challenges and delivers practical solutions that people can actually use and measure. He certainly revealed insights into our culture and high performers that we couldn't identify or put into words before.

Inder Arora, Landmark Group