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It's back! Change Magic, Peter's popular and quirky guide to easy organisational change is here again!

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What is change?

Is it something that you do?

Or is it something that happens?

Is it even possible to change? To improve?

And why are managers and leaders always changing something? Culture change programs, behavioural change programs, service improvement programs? Why can’t people just leave things the way they are?

Corporate managers know that change is expensive, and traditional change programs are largely ineffective. Culture change doesnt change the culture, because culture isn’t the cause of the problem, and it’s not even something that you can change anyway. And yet, you absolutely know when it is different.

This is the very essence of Change Magic, that you cannot improve anything. You cannot even change anything. What you can do is to take action, to do something today that you did not do yesterday.

Change is not an action, it’s a perception.

As a Change Magician, you will learn how to make change easy, effortless, invisible. You will learn how to create agile, flexible, adaptable organisational cultures. And you’ll leave people amazed, thrilled, wondering, "How did you do that?"  


"I participated in an NLP Practitioner course which was designed and run by Peter. Although I'm highly experienced in my own field and in facilitation of such, Peter took me away from my comfort zone and challenged my perception of what was acceptable for my behaviour both in the classroom and with clients. Not only did I pass the course and am now a practitioner, but I was able to put into practice many of the methods taught on the course immediately on my return AND settle down to deliver a piece of work which I had put off for so long. 

Many thanks for educating me and putting me in the right frame of mind to tackle something that I had procrastinated and put off for too long, a task which actually proved to be very manageable and provided a great sense of achievement when completed."

Jacqui Aird-Paterson, Global VP of L&D at IACE International Association of Commissioning Engineers