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South West Coaching and Mentoring Conference 2017

I ran two workshops at the South West Coaching and Mentoring Conference 2017, here are some useful resources for you.

My first session ws an easy way for coaches to ask questions to access their client's creativity, "Helping clients get unstuck with The Unsticker".

My second session was a knowledge sharing session on what I've found over 15 years of delivering corporate coaching programs, helping you to increase engagement, effectiveness and create measurable results, "What works in corporate coaching programmes". 

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NLP Conference 2017

I spoke at the NLP Conference in London, April 29th 2017 on the subject of...

So You Think You Know Meta Model?

Maybe you’ve heard that in the first minute, your client has told you everything you need to know? Actually, they will have told you even before they begin speaking. Just imagine what you could do with that kind of knowledge.

Here are some useful links and resources for you from that workshop.

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Potentialisation 19 May 2016

If you came along to my talk on NLP at the Potentialisation group in Manchester on 19th May 2016 then thank you, it was super to meet you!

If you didn't, then you literally do not know what you were missing. Where were you? Anyway, this page will give you a bit more information and share links to some of the odds and ends that I mentioned during the evening.

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NLP Conference 2016

I spoke at the NLP Conference in London, April 17th 2016 on the subject of...

Everything you know about NLP is wrong

And that's why you can't always get the results you intended.

When trainers just emulate the pseudo-science they’ve been taught instead of testing for themselves, they pass that on to their students. So instead of an evolving, developing field, we have bad techniques being taught badly, and then we wonder why NLP gets a bad name.

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TIAS Business School, 11 March 2016

I presented a workshop for MBA students at the TIAS Business School in Tilburg, Netherlands, entitled: 

Getting Through the Second Glass Ceiling: What you Really Need to Know for 21st Century Career Success

You must have heard of the idea of a ‘glass ceiling’; an invisible barrier which prevents your career progress past a certain point. Perhaps it’s because of your sex, or your age, or your spirituality, or your education. The reason is never clear, yet try as hard as you can, you just don’t have what it takes to get into the executive lounge.

In fact, there isn’t one glass ceiling, there are two. Most people don’t know about the second one, and it exerts a far more powerful force than any of those social prejudices which hold people back at the lower levels of an organisation.

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Neurobusiness 2015

At the Neurobusiness 2015 conference I gave a presentation entitled "Winning the talent war: Decoding and transferring innate talents within a business". In it, I showed you some video clips and referenced a few other bits of research and so on.

Here's a list of the references with links, plus some other information that you might find useful. If you're looking for sample modelling reports, just go to the Consulting page of this site and you'll find them there.

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"Peter's support was vital in; Helping me recruit 25 new team members and bringing almost all of them to quota, In selling £300,000,000 in two years, landing milestone deals in a new market and new technology area, and in giving our executive confidence in our growth that generated their investment of time and resources."

Guy Wood, Director, Sales Development, CGI