"I interacted with Peter for 10 full day sessions during the Master Certification program on NLP and for the entire 10 days not a single participant was able to hold back their participation at any point in time. He is a world-class Master Facilitator and has shared his vast experience and insight with many of us. His ability to Coach and understand people behavior is also commendable. At the same time he remains a keen learner, open for new ideas and concepts with a high level of intercultural sensitivity. 

He is one of the best trainers I have seen and worked with. He has the ability to bring out the best in people through putting them at ease. I will strongly recommend Peter for Executive Coaching and Leadership Programs. "

Nitin Thakur, Head Talent Management - Asia Pacific, Rockwell Automation

Since 1981, FGI World has been developing and delivering employee assistance, disability management and cross-cultural services for employers in North America and around the world. 

Peter developed a sales training program for FGI’s annual sales conference in Canada, focusing on developing personal leadership and purposeful relationships. Following this, we delivered sales coaching for a number of staff from the Canadian and North American sales teams, team managers and the VP for Sales. 

In the first few months of coaching the sales team, a number of changes had occurred. At the start of the program, very few of the North American team had enough pipeline business to hit target, and at the end of the year every one had hit target with several over achieving by up to 300%. 

Kim Cermak, the VP Sales of FGI World said, 

“From my perspective you create a safe environment that encourages self reflection, honesty and creativity, helping people see themselves not only as they are, but how they want to be. 

You help them identify their strengths and give them the roadmap to being (becoming) the person they know they can become. Our perception of ourselves is often conflicting and convoluted - you help clear the fog and ultimately the path to recognising and achieving our own potential.” 

After two years, the sales team are still using the simple techniques covered in the original workshop and are still delivering high performance in the face of a rapidly changing marketplace and reorganisation of the business. 

Two of the staff have been promoted to Sales Management roles and are now growing and leading their own teams. 

FGI World is now part of Mercer.