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Mentoring is a valuable addition to the Learning and Development capability of any business, yet very few experienced staff are ever trained in how to be an effective mentor. Rockwell have invested in their people and protected their intellectual property by rolling out a mentor training program.

Rockwell Automation employs over 20,000 people in more than 80 countries, and over the century that the organisation has grown into its market leading position, it has developed a great deal of unique intellectual property. For any organisation that has been in business for more than a few years, Rockwell faces the problem of passing that knowledge to new generations. Knowledge management systems are cumbersome in a global organisation where local knowledge and local relationships are key in delivering high standards of customer care. Mentoring is therefore the obvious choice, with experienced technical and operational experts supporting the development of new staff.

To achieve this, I created and delivered a mentor development program which gave prospective mentors both the skills and experience to effectively engage in mentoring relationships.

Rockwell use the 70:20:10 approach to personal development planning, and mentoring supports all three areas of 'on the job' learning, relationships and formal training, and the mentoring program gave Rockwell's managers new value for the development frameworks already in place.


"I signed up for the course in Spain in 2015 after meeting Peter at NLP conference earlier that year. I was in desperate need of some sunshine and to get to know more about NLP - and about myself! I was going alone and apart from the course synopsis I didn't know what to expect and who I would end up spending an entire week with (including the course, meals and going out). I needed not worry as from the outset I was made to feel very welcome and by the end of the week we all felt like we had been friends for years. With the teaching team there is no pressure to 'perform' and plenty of opportunities to be yourself. You will also have a lot of time out during the day that you can choose to spend relaxing by the pool either by yourself or chatting to others.

With each new NLP concept on the agenda we had the chance to put the theory into practice with the other participants. This genuinely reinforced each concept in our minds as well as strengthening the bond between each member of the group. So much so that on the last day one of the guys wrote a beautiful poem on friendship that stoke a chord with all of us!"

Lise Cheron, Project Manager