"In 2008 I began my professional NLP training and although now an accredited NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer I'm super excited to be attending an NLP practitioner training facilitated by Peter Freeth who is an amazing trainer and coach."

Tony Moorcroft


Please help with these two short talent surveys which are part of my research for a new book on how to develop yourself as a 'high potential' leadership candidate.



Talent survey - finding out about talent management and talent development programs in your organisation

Leadership assessment survey - to find out what it takes to be a leader

The book will be published some time in 2018. Early 2018, I hope! I'm co-writing it with a client who is a Head of Talent for a global organisation, and we need your help to gather supporting data.

If you leave your details in the surveys, you'll get a 'thank you' mention in the book.