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"Peter is someone who practices what he teaches. He teaches not what is written in a book but real practical stuff. It's fairly simple, you learn and you execute. The process between learning and doing simply unfolds. The false beliefs and limitations I held all my life seemed to disintegrate like magic. And whether you believe in magic or not - attend his training, and you will experience a phenomenon that's magic."

Tapas Malaiya, Senior Resourcing Manager, Capita

Peter has a unique way of diagnosing the issues in a business which delivers simple solutions that have a high impact and actually work. In a recent management development program, a seasoned manager said that Peter's training was, "the best he'd ever seen". Peter is a master coach, communicates on the participant's level and with authority, focuses on the right challenges and delivers practical solutions that people can actually use and measure. He certainly revealed insights into our culture and high performers that we couldn't identify or put into words before.

Inder Arora, Landmark Group