Rockwell Automation - Coaching Sessions

You can use this calendar system to reserve times for our ongoing coaching sessions.

Once I've approved your time slot, please contact me directly at your chosen time via either skype with user name genius_learning or via telephone at +44 7474 556800 or you can set up a conference call and let me know the details. Please let me know in advance which you'll use via the scheduling form. Most people use the existing RA conferencing service.

When you register, set your location and the system will adjust automatically for timezone differences.

If you need to contact me by email, you can reach me at

Click here to access the Calendar to reserve coaching sessions

Instructions for using the calendar system:

First, create a username and password of your choice, then you can log in to reserve a time in the calendar

Make sure to check the Announcements section at the top of the page

Click on either 'Schedule' or 'Schedule... Bookings' and you'll see the main calendar

Use the small green arrows to change dates

Choose a time slot, then click and drag in it to select time you want, usually 4 slots which is an hour

If the date and time are correct for you, just click Create

If the date and time are correct for you, just click Create